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August 21, 2012
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It was the first day of your school's carnival, and you were super excited!

Since your high school was one of the biggest in your district, it had plenty of cash to throw the best carnivals.

Walking beside your friend Feliciano, you admired the lights strung up, the festive music, and all of the stands offering prizes, food and games.

"Where do you want to go first?" You asked your friend, stopping for a second.

"Ve, how about a game?" Italy grinned at you and pointed at a class favorite - sponge the student counsel.

"Ooo, fun! Let's do it." Dragging him over by his hand, you stood in line and giggled at the shouts from the students who were unwillingly soaked.

The president of your student counsel was Hungary, a girl who you knew a little from classes you took last year. She seemed to be laughing and enjoying herself, while the other two looked frustrated as they were getting hit the most.

"HEY!! Even it out, Liz has to get soaked too!! She's wearing a white shirt and I'm too awesome to get mine spoiled!" Prussia, who was voted on by popularity, shouted.

Although you could only see the top of the three students' bodies, you could tell he got his foot stomped on by the pained look on his face and the angered one on Hungary's.

"Now now you two, stop quarreling. This is just for fun and is a great way to entertain the students." Austria said, keeping his chin up. He was the secretary and everyone admired him for his intelligence, but no one particularly liked him either. He was the most wet, as you could see.

"You are-a you going to sponge?" Italy smiled down at you with a small chuckle.

"Definitely Austria. That snob is always bragging about his perfect attendance record." You said with a roll of your eyes.

Italy laughed, his hair curl bobbing happily.


After the long wait it was finally your turn. Grabbing a few sponges, you chucked them at Austria as fast as you could, much to his disdain. You made sure to soak the other two a bit too.

Suddenly you felt something drip down your shirt. With a gasp you frantically clawed at your back, the cold water freezing you.

Italy giggled mischeivously, holding up the sponge he had dripped water down your shirt from.

"Why you little-" Instinctively you grabbed a sponge and threw it at him a little harder than you intended to.

To your horror Italy ducked, and the sponge flew right into a student's face.

You covered your mouth with both of your hands, eyes wide. You hit Japan, the quiet student who sat behind you in Algebra.

After the sponge slid down his face, getting himself all wet, he stared back at you. He didn't look angry, more shocked and confused.

"Oh crap, I'm so sorry!" You ran over, abandoning Italy to help clean up your classmate.

"Ah, i-it's no worries..." He looked down at his uniform, damp in the front.

"No really, I so did not mean to hit you." You ran back and grabbed a towel from behind the game then dashed back.

Dabbing his chest then his face, he blushed just the tiniest bit.

"Thank you." Japan murmured a bit. Not only did his secret crush throw a sponge at him, now she was dabbing him with a towel!

"No problem, it was my fault anyway. Um..." You put the towel back then looked around, eyeing a nearby stand. "Let me make it up to you. Do you like cotton candy?"

"You don't have to, but that does sound dericious..."

"My treat, come on~" You gently took his hand and led him over. "Kiku, right?"

"Y-yes, and you're ______?"



While the two of you shared a cotton candy stick, you talked about all sorts of things. Class memories, the teachers, the carnivals throughout the years, and about yourselves.

Although Japan was quiet in class, once he opened up he could become quite the chatterbox. Without raising his voice, of course.

You giggled at one of his comments then popped another piece into your mouth. Right after swallowing, you saw Japan staring at the corner of your mouth. "Uh, ______-chan, you have something... Uh..."

He leaned forward a bit and kissed the corner of your lips, before pulling away and shyly licking his own.

You were not too surprised about the kiss, but you didn't expect him to pull something like that!

"Thanks..." You murmured, wiping your sleeve across your cheek in embarrassment.

His face flushed, he smiled and nodded a bit. "______, I'd like to spend more time with you from now on."

Grinning right back, you nodded. "I would like that."
Not my best, but I hope you like it!

Prize for ~ValenK, who placed in my contest. Enjoy!


Story belongs to me.

Hetalia and characters don't belong to me.

You belong to you... Hopefully. O.o

Pic not mine. Found here: [link]
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