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July 16, 2012
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Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. A loud ringing noise buzzed in your ear. You dragged your feet.

As dazed as you were from the blow of something you didn't see, you had no idea what was going on.

You just heard screams that sounded like they were coming from a mile away, and every now and then the ground rumbled.

You stopped walking for a second when you heard someone roar your name. Blinking, you turned around to see your beautiful German home where you lived with your family.

A smile spread across your face. One normal thing left in this weird existence that you were seeing.

All of a sudden a rapid amount of noise hit you like a train. You didn't know what it was, but something snapped you out of your trance.

The ground shook again, this time a lot. You cried out and sprinted for the house, terrified. WHAT'S GOING ON?!

"NEIN, ______!!!!!!!"

You were tackled to the ground by someone strong, but you weren't hurt by that. The pain was coming from somewhere else that you couldn't pinpoint because of all of the confusion.

The stranger tucked your head under his chest just as you heard a soft whizzing noise coming from the sky.


You screamed, along with several others as a huge explosion happened not too far away, causing rubble to spray everywhere.

The man covering you flinched and you guessed that something hit him. You hoped he was okay.

He looked down at you, obviously in pain. "______, we need to get out of here. Right now."

He was a handsome blonde man with the clearest blue eyes that were very familiar.

Wait... Too familiar. It's Ludwig! Of course! He's your boyfriend. You love him. Your brain is fuzzy and you feel huge guilt about not even remembering something like that.

Germany stood up, gritting his teeth in pain. He turned around quickly to make sure nothing else was coming, and to your horror you noticed that a huge blood stain on the back of his navy-blue jacket was quickly growing.

"Come on." He scooped you up into his gentle but strong arms and started darting away. To somewhere safe, you hoped.

Looking back at the rubble that once was your town, you let out another hopeless scream as you noticed that your house had literally been blown to pieces. Scattered bodies that you prayed weren't your family were scattered about. You buried your head in his chest, crying.

Germany ran for what seemed to be forever then stopped near a small market that had an alley that the two of you could wait out the bombings in. You hoped nothing would happen to the two of you, but one question still remained in your mind.

He walked to the very back and set you down at one end.

You clenched your fists in pain, you figured out where the pain was coming from. Feeling the side of your head you winced when you felt a sticky glob of blood attach to your fingers.

"Shh... I got zhis..." Germany took his jacket off and ripped a large chunk off of it, pressing it against the side of your head. He looked pretty hot in his white tank top, with his muscles all sweaty. But you couldn't think about that right now.

"Ludwig what's going on?" You choked. "This isn't war, it can't be-"

"Vhe knew zhis day vhas coming, ______." He interrupted quietly. "Zhose bomb are coming from the sky. It's happening all over the vhorld. Vhatever it is is hitting zhe capitals first, zhen zhe rest of zhe country."

"So... This is really the end." You murmured quietly, leaning against the wall.

"Not quite. Vhe still have hope, military helicopters are picking up whoever's left and taking zhem someplace zhey say is safe."

"It's pretty much the end anyway. Are you sure you're okay?" You glanced behind him and lightly lifted up the back of his tank top to reveal a large gash. You wiped the blood on the pavement.

"I'll be fine." You could tell he was in a lot of pain, and it broke your heart to think that he took so much for you.

"We still might die, Ludwig." You sighed, sliding onto his lap. "So what are we going to do?"

Not waiting for an answer, you lightly pressed your lips against his.

Germany was slightly surprise, but he wrapped his arms carefully around you anyway.

Quickly your kisses got more passionate, leaning into him more. He scooted back into the wall for more support.

He matched your passion then broke for a second, panting.

After a few seconds you kissed him again, deeply. Possessively.

With permission, he slid his tongue into your mouth and was just lifting up your shirt when someone interrupted.

"Hey lovebirds, zhe helicopter is here for you two." An officer who had been standing there for who knows how long snickered to himself before walking over.

Germany gritted his teeth together again but didn't say anything. "Let's go."

Gently picking you up again, he started walking.



"Whatever happens... Ich liebe dich."

"Ich liebe dich auch."
This might be the best one I've written so far... I don't know. 83 Enjoy!

This was a Country x Reader trade for ~TwilightDreams56. I hope she likes it!


Story belongs to me.

Hetalia and characters don't belong to me.

You belong to you... Hopefully. O.o

Pic not mine. Found here: [link]



"Nein!" - No

"Ja." - Yes

"Ich liebe dich." - I love you.

"Ich liebe dich auch." - I love you too.
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